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WAMU is fun at 11:37 am

21st Street Washington Mutual is so much fun


1. Sweaty, fat guy wearing blue dolphin shirts (remember those?) and a bright yellow tank. Said tank had giant openings for his arms displaying nice wads of flesh from his stomach billowing over.

2. Me

Sweaty Fat Guy: Hey, look what the sun did to my driver�s license. (holds up license which is slightly warped from the sun or possibly being in his back pocket where it was molded by his ass).
Me: uh huh
SFG: No look! The sun made it curved. It�s curved now! Look! What should I do?
Me: I don�t know (pretend to look for something in purse)
SFG: You know if I have to replace this I�ll be mad. You know new ones cost $20. $20!
Me: Sorry �bout that
SFG: You wouldn�t understand. You probably don�t have a warped license from the sun, do you? You probably keep it in there! (points to my purse, jumping up and down like a crazy person)
Me: Nope
SFG: People like you don�t understand what it�s like to have to deal with the stresses of life like this.

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Fluff at 1:50 pm

I have no desire to keep this up right now so I'm posting my favorite celebrity story of the week as pure filler. Enjoy.

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Bon Jovi's #1 fan revealed at last at 8:10 am

I admit that as a teenager I was obsessed with the whole heavy metal, pretty boy band scene. I saw my share of Poison and Ratt concerts. I even had a vanity plate on my first car when I turned sixteen. Those who know me already know what it said so I don�t feel the need to tell anyone new. The plate, which I thought was cool at the time, was actually not my first choice. See, I thought I was the biggest Bon Jovi fan alive when I was sixteen and wanted to point that out on my new car. I still remember going to the DMV with my Dad and looking through the list of plates and all the Bon Jovi referenced ones were already taken. Last night I was walking the dog in my own neighborhood and look what I came across:

Unbelievable. I stood in awe of the owner (who wasn�t around obviously) who got this plate. Almost 20 years later and 200 miles from where I grew up and the Bon Jovi number one fan license plate lives on right here. Then I looked down at the dog and muttered, �what a dork� before continuing on our walk.

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News 10 really covers bird flu at 10:07 am

I happened to catch about 20 minutes of the ABC made for TV bird flu movie last night on News 10. I hadn�t heard much about it but it was basically an after school special mixed with a really bad Lifetime movie. It originally captured my attention because of the �watching a train wreck� factor but News 10 really made it all worthwhile when I started seeing their little messages coming up during the movie. Here�s an example:

Now, the movie was bad enough. It starred Rico's long suffering wife from Six Feet Under playing a nurse dating a soldier and her scenes consisted of putting on a mask or putting on more jewelry. Yes, she was going to work where hundreds of people were strewn out all over the floor dying and she had to have matching earrings and a necklace. Bizarre. But I digress. News 10 flashed these �panic� messages about every 5 minutes and some were hysterical. They were trying to get people
freaked out enough to stay tuned after the movie and listen to more news about bird flu. Cristina Mendonsa was way over the top. The only reason to stay tuned after the fact was to see how far Mendonsa�s blouse really plunged in full screen and to try and figure out how she thinks she�s getting away with that new tan.

In case you want more information, News 10 has devoted a full section to bird flu on their site as well.

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